Founded in 1968, with 49 years of expertise and recognised reputation in the Greek industry of
road construction machines. The company’s value is based on delivering high level technologies
and services which directly adds value to our customers. Understanding the time sensitive and
demanding nature of this industry, we strive to deliver the best practices within strict timelines.
Big players of the construction industry entrusts our services for the past few decades, such as
AKTOR, TERNA, TERNA ENERGY, J&P ABAX, The Public Electricity Company of Greece (DEH) and
Greek Gold Mining are few of the prestigious companies we are collaborating with.

Our services among others, include sales ( global online trading through our website) importing
and exporting of spare parts for a variety of machines, rebuilding, manufacturing and assembling
road construction equipment and parts cost effectively.

Projects we have participated through out the years, include the construction of high ways,
national road, local city roads, pavements and airport runways.

Our goal is to continue building confidence to our customers in what we do best.

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